Our Mission & Vission

The purpose of Organization is to help the disadvantaged population of the Nation to get integrated with the mainstream society and contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the Nation.

Our future lies in the hand of our children for the emancipation and Social Justice
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Technology diverse educational is key to learning and dissemination knowledge
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Women Empowerment
women empowerment lies in income generating project for their self realisation
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Making Life More Purposeful And Self-reliant


Public Health

Sondha Prodip will ensure that every citizen of the community has sound physical and mental health, Sondha Prodip will also make people aware of the nutritious values of various food and the balanced food required for sound health, it will also support the mental health of the individuals by the practice of belief, exercises, meditation and yoga.


Social Support

Assist disadvantaged societies to create income and support their self-reliance program through hands-on training on vocational activities.



Street Children getting their rightful Education so that they can dream about the future.


Training & Development

Self reliance is our main tool for Women Empowerment.


Life is precious and every child needs equal opportunity to grow to their full potential without any hindrance

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How To

Help Us..

To support the overall welfare of the society, especially the overall development of the poor and backward people. To develop the unemployed manpower from  of security to self-reliance through utilization of socio-economic development.

Be The Part Of Sustainable Change

You can be our companion by donating or volunteer.


Your small support can change the life of a child to achieve their full potential, we shall appreciate any amount that you can afford to change the life.

Become Volunteer

Street Children free Bangladesh. To that end you can join our team and get involved.

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Message From The Leader Of Sondha Prodip Charity Foundation

Mrs. Ferdous Ara Komol

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the disgruntled, the unprivileged and the down trodden part of our society and share the light of life from the pinnacle of hope and aspirations.  This will instill a purpose that will not only change their fate but would elevate the fate of the community and the nation at large.  It is my hope create to initiate a chain reaction of  a rainbow to bring equity and opportunity that a society provides to its citizens to develop individual families and the Nation.  I wish a great success for all those who are not recognized and valued as such.

Word Support

These are some of the excerpt from people who have benefited from our services in the community.

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Mr. Zubayer Ahmed

Our social condition can only be upgraded by elevating the fate of the unprivileged through better education, implanting the appropriate moral and social value system and integrating them with the mainstream. Implanting a hope to look forward to a life of honor is not merely a wish but a commitment and the hard work to change things for better.

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sondha prodip charity foundation

Mohammed Rial Ahsan


Mr. Mohammed Ahsan Rial, an International Management Consultant in the Education. Leadership, and Health sectors with emphasis on Change Management, Management Information System, Strategic Management and Organizational Management areas.  Mr. Ahsan graduated as a Mechanical Power Engineer from Cairo University and then served in 4 continents with blue chip organizations including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Andersen, Cap Gemini and American Management Systems.  He has managed several key multinational projects in the Health and Education Sectors in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Cyprus, the US, Pakistan,  and Bangladesh

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