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Mr. Mohammed Ahsan Rial

CEO of

sondha prodip charity foundation

Mr. Mohammed Ahsan Rial, an International Management Consultant in the Education. Leadership, and Health sectors with emphasis on Change Management, Management Information System, Strategic Management and Organizational Management areas.  Mr. Ahsan graduated as a Mechanical Power Engineer from Cairo University and then served in 4 continents with blue chip organizations including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Andersen, Cap Gemini and American Management Systems.  He has managed several key multinational projects in the Health and Education Sectors in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Cyprus, the US, Pakistan,  and Bangladesh. 

Most of the projects were funded by the World Bank, USAID, CIDA, and IMF.  He was instrumental in implementing health; Education and manufacturing sector reforms in Egypt, financial restructuring in Bahrain, Corporatization of Major Business Conglomerates in Kuwait, Restructuring Financial Management Systems of the four Southern states in the US.  He was intimately involved in setting up and managing several universities in the Middle East.



·       Strategic and Change Management and Direction

·       Employee empowerment and performance measurement

·       Business Development (Health and  Education)

·       Linking strategies to the processes, technology, and people

·       Change Management and IT strategic Plan

·       Defining management and organizational infrastructures

·       Leadership Development

·       Pedagogy using Inquiry Based and Collaborative Systems


Employment Record

Dishari Management International/HCCI     Business Development                       March 2003 to date

Hydro-comp Enterprises                                 Managing Director                              June 2002-March 2003

Ezz Industries and Bahgat Group                   GM, Business Development              August 00 Feb 2002

Cap Gemini                                                         AM Manager                                         June 99-Aug 99

Nichols Research                                               Director                                                 Aug. 98- Nov. 98

Mastech                                                              Senior Manager                                   June 98-August 98

AMS                                                                     Principal                                                March 97-May 98

Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting        Senior Manager                                   July 93-March 97

Birch and Davis Int.                                           Deputy Project Director                     Dec. 91- July 93

Environmental Quality Int.                              Director                                                 July 89-Dec 91

Datex Inc.                                                           Director of ME Projects                      Jan 88- June 89

Price Waterhouse                                             Manager                                                Aug 82-Jan 88


Education & Training

Business Admin, Academy of Learning, 2012 Canada.

BS (with Honors), Mechanical Engineering, Cairo University, 1981



  • Total Quality Management, Andersen Professional Education Center, 1994
  • Quality Performance Systems, Andersen Professional Education Center, 1995
  • ISO 9000 Lead Auditors, Andersen Professional Education Center, 1995
  • Advanced Management Series I: Market and Industry Analysis; Harvard University
  • Management and Information System Development Methodology, Price Waterhouse (Washington DC), 1985
  • Professional Writing, Price Waterhouse (Washington DC)
  • Accounting and Electronic Data Processing Audit, Price Waterhouse (Houston), 1988
  • Large System Software Packages (Mainframe System Support): Price Waterhouse (Houston), 1988.


Relevant Organizational Experience

Leadership in Friendly Education (LIFE):  Founding Chairman

The ultimate aim of LIFE is to implant the senses of Leadership among our children in the South Asian Nations so that they can prepare themselves as global Citizens serving the local needs and sharing the experiences with the International world to make this world a better place to live.  LIFE will consider this goal as the roof of the proposed concept s illustrated in the following architecture.


Health Consortium of Canada (HCC):  Founding CEO/Board Member February 2008-2013 to date

  • Developed the Child Cancer Hospital project with Sickkids and supported their soft-opening in 2007
  • Developed a Best Practices database system for Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Signed deal with HealthPrio21 and partners in Canada
  • Signed deal with Institute of Health Development (IHD) for training and development
  • Signed deal with Loyalist College for a Leadership training in Bangladesh
  • Signed a deal with OrganoWorld and BUET for a Wind Turbine Project.

American Management Systems, Inc.: Principal (Direct Staff supervised-40) March 1997-May 2000                          

As a Principal for the US Southeastern region, Mr. Ahsan managed/supervised four large Information Management projects in the States of Louisiana and Mississippi with contracts ranging between $2-$10m.  As project and engagement manager of these projects, Mr. Ahsan was responsible for developing and controlling budgets, allocating resources, and providing technical direction to a total staff of about 40 employees.  As the engagement manager, Mr. Ahsan was responsible for maintaining client relationship, identifying new business opportunities and marketing AMS’s products and services to potential new clients. The projects included Louisiana DOT’s Permit Electronic Routing Bridge Analysis (PERBA), Mississippi State Tax Commission’s automated revenue systems, Louisiana’s state financial system and the City of New Orleans’ financial system.


Arthur Andersen: Senior Manager (Direct Staff Supervised-50) Senior Manager June 1989- March 1995                                  

Mr. Ahsan was the Senior Manager in charge of the Business Consulting Division and was responsible for setting up the infrastructure of the Consulting Division in Egypt. He was also responsible for the technical and management direction of major Organizational Development, Restructuring, Total Quality Management, Information Systems, and ISO 9000 projects with Arthur Andersen in Egypt. Mr. Ahsan was instrumental in conceptualizing the privatization project in Egypt and was the chief strategist in privatizing the ailing public sector companies.  In Bahrain, Mr. Ahsan was the Senior Manager in charge of the Consulting Division and was responsible for creating the division’s infrastructure from scratch.  The infrastructure development included hiring new staff, training them, setting up divisional policies and procedures, developing service lines and marketing them.  In addition to managing special projects in the areas of Information Systems, Change Management, Human Resources, and Institutional Development, Mr. Ahsan was also responsible for developing the core skills of about 10 consultants working in various specialties and providing quality services to its clientele. He was involved in the organizational restructuring, human resources development and developing IT strategic plans of major banks and financial institutions in Bahrain and Kuwait.


PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Manager (Staff Supervised 20) May 1982- June 1987


Mr. Ahsan was a Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse prior to becoming the Consulting Manager for their Middle Eastern Practice in 1986.  During his tenure with Price Waterhouse, Mr. Ahsan managed four projects of national importance in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and participated in over ten projects in various Capacities. USAID and the World Bank funded most of these projects.  Out of the major projects, Millennium implementation for the Ministry of Petroleum in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was notable.  In this project, he was responsible for integrating and implementing their financial and human resources systems for all of its subsidiaries using Millennium software on IBM 4381.  Mr. Ahsan also had designed and developed a nationwide contraceptive tracking and inventory system to monitor the distribution and utilization of contraceptives.  In addition, Mr. Ahsan had developed and automated banking operations and lending system for a major development bank.



Market Expansions, Business Development, Growth and Company Turn-Around

  • Assisted a major business conglomerate to double its revenue and increase profitability by 15% in Kuwait by revitalizing its marketing techniques, designing new Advertisement Campaigns, integrating cross product marketing techniques and creating synergy among various business units and integrating several strategic functions under corporate management. This was a holding company with businesses in manufacturing, entertainment, real-estate, media, and banking.
  • Restructured a major business conglomerate in Egypt to improve its operational efficiency by 25% and reduced operating costs by 15% in a year’s time. The businesses included manufacturing electronic and home appliances items, theme parks, TV channels, entertainment, and health sectors.  The revenue increase was mainly due to better customer relationship development, innovative market expansion plans, export development and creating cross product marketing techniques.
  • Instituted and developed the Consulting division of Arthur Andersen in three countries from scratch to a portfolio of $ 50 million with 50 consulting professionals in the areas of MIS, operations management, and business development.
  • Developed new product strategy and negotiated a licensing agreement with York International to produce Split Unit Air-conditioners for Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Strategized and negotiated a new line of business for the production and marketing of Refrigerators and Washing machines with a major producer from Turkey.

Project Conceptualization, Planning, development and Execution


  • Strategized, planned, and implemented the export development project for the Bahgat Group of Industries with a target to increasing the export sales by 25% by the end of 2002.
  • Conceptualized, strategized, developed the privatization project of 200 plus ailing public sector companies in Egypt.
  • Co-developed and managed four major financial management and tax revenue systems projects for the States of Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • Conceptualized and developed an integrated strategic marketing plan project for a major business conglomerate in Egypt to cross market various products.
  • Developed and managed a comprehensive cost recovery project for the health sector to create a sound financial base for the health delivery mechanisms for the Government of Egypt.
  • Assisted in the design and development of a Social Fund for Development project to alleviate the negative impact of the economic restructuring program in Egypt.
  • Assisted in the design, development and implementation of a small and Micro enterprise development project to deliver financial loans and technical assistance to small businesses.
  • Designed, developed and implemented 15 plus MIS projects for the government, educations, health, banking and petroleum sectors.

Team Training, Motivation and Leadership


  • Designed, developed, and delivered a comprehensive leadership and motivation training for the top management of Vodaphone.
  • Managed and delivered a management training program for the top management of the Tax and Revenue Agency for the State of Mississippi.
  • Designed, developed and delivered a comprehensive management training for the procurement division of Aventis
  • Trained the professional consulting team of Arthur Andersen in the ME on management, motivation and leadership skills.

Identifying, analyzing and solving problems

  • Conducted situation analysis, plotted SWOT diagrams and identified the existing gaps for four major business conglomerates, governments and developed a long term strategy to bridge the gaps.
  • Identified the bottle necks in the financial reporting system for the US chamber of Commerce that was giving erroneous indication of the revenues collected and resolved the erroneous situation by providing adequate internal controls.

Reduced operating costs and cost of  product.