spc foundation

Our Leader

Mrs. Ferdous Ara Komol

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the disgruntled, the unprivileged and the down trodden part of our society and share the light of life from the pinnacle of hope and aspirations. This will instill a purpose that will not only change their fate but would elevate the fate of the community and the nation at large. It is my hope create to initiate a chain reaction of a rainbow to bring equity and opportunity that a society provides to its citizens to develop individual families and the Nation. I wish a great success for all those who are not recognized and valued as such.

Meet Our Team

We are diverse team dedicated and committed to the purpose of SPC Foundation our team respect all segment of the society including minorities and women all those diverse team. They work coherently using the culture and values of the organisation.

Join Our Team

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